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Scarlet's dream-like visionary imagery reveals a wider vision of awareness in the physical world including spiritual, mystic themes, and transformation. She brings canvases to life by integrating vibrant colours infused with light, sacred geometry and a touch of magic, using solvent free water soluble oil paints.

Growing up in the Prairies of Manitoba, Scarlet spent the majority of her time drawing and painting. At a young age she developed skills in portraits, acrylic and graphic design.
Inspired by plant medicine teachings and music; colour, spirit, and emotions are united to captivate and heal the spectator. Her own creative process starts by listening and trusting her intuition for the purpose of inspiring others on their creative paths, encouraging everyone to nurture their talents and dreams.

The spiritual journey that I pursue in life is completely intertwined with in my art. As my paint brush moves intuitively across a canvas, I have the solid vision of contributing beauty and light into this world. I ignite an understanding of truth and individual awakening through the profound blossoming of creativity in the hopes that it becomes contagious. The love of creation is what drives me, love is the basis of the universe"         - Scarlet


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Current Work In progress
'Space Velocity'

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